Base Osaka

3 Chome-4-6 Daikoku, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture


From the nearest station to Base Osaka

◆From Daikokucho subway station (5 min by foot)

①Leave by Exit 5.

②Turn left and walk along the street.

③Go straight.

④Go past the 1st corner.

⑤Go past the 2nd corner.

⑥Turn left at the 2nd light.

⑦Turn left at the 1st light.

⑧Go straight.

⑨Go past the 1st corner.

⑩Base Osaka.

◆From Imamiya JR station (3 min by foot)

(Please note that it is NOT Shin-Imamiya JR station.)

①Leave by EAST exit and turn left.

②Go straight until the intersection.

③Take the north west road of the five-way intersection (adjacent to a parking lot).

④Go straight .

⑤Turn right at the 1st light

⑥You’ll see Base Osaka on the left side.

⑦Base Osaka.